Make Your Own Video

Get Ready to Make History with the first ever Nationwide ePumpkin Video Patch.

At GinaWeen we believe in Pumpkins for a Purpose and “Fighting the Fight” against cancer!   Please join our Nationwide Pumpkin Patch.

Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Simply print out the GinaWeen ePumpkin sign,  and follow the script to make a video of yourself (holding the GinaWeen Pumpkin) and remember to include a loved one of who is your Pumpkin for a Purpose!
  2. Finish the video with a GinaWeen ePumpkin challenge to a friend, to spread our ePumpkin Patch across the country.
  3. Then simply donate a minimum of $25 to #GinaWeen2019 and we will post your Pumpkin and Video in our Nationwide #GinaWeen2019 Pumpkin Patch and remember to enter a link for your video by uploading your Video to YouTube.
  4. If you cannot upload your video, please email your video to and we will post it for you!

Click Here to view a Sample Video of one of our GinaWeen Ambassadors 

And if you are in Atlanta – come on out to our Party on October 19, 2019 @ 5:00 pm at the