Letter from the Founder

Dear Community Partner,

Few things hurt deeper than the loss of a loved one. But when faced with the reality of demise, we can still make the decision to overcome the sorrow and use our remaining passion to create positive change for tomorrow.


In 2010 I lost my sister Gina Ross Boos to a brain tumor. I decided to do something in her honor and her favorite holiday was Halloween; therefore, GinaWeen was started. It is a family-friendly fundraiser offering live entertainment and delicious barbecue at a very affordable rate. Most importantly, funds raised benefit fighting the fight on #Cancer. My mother Bonnie Joe Ross was a huge fan of the event until she lost her battle with lung cancer in 2015. This has fueled my passion to help find a cure for cancer even more and since GinaWeen’s inception, it has raised over $350,000!  I’d now like to personally invite you to join our fight.


With the support of kind donors like you, we can push toward a future where no family experiences grief, financial ruin or physical suffering due to cancer. As a GinaWeen sponsor, you will help us raise critical funding to advance the fight on #Cancer and to ensure that each GinaWeen is even more fun than the last! We offer sponsors generous benefits packages, which are detailed in the pages that follow. GinaWeen grants you the opportunity to increase the visibility of your business among hundreds of community members while supporting a life-saving cause and a very unique event.

My genuine hope is that through GinaWeen, some of the deepest sorrow I’ve experienced as a result of death will actually spawn healthy life for others.  Please click on this link to donate and come attend this great event.


Francis J. “Butch” Ross